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The Bingara Advocate is an independent newspaper which has been serving Bingara and the surrounding district since 1934, when it was established by Samuel Dickson. 

Locally owned by Nancy Capel, the Bingara Advocate has a wide ranging focus on community, rural and sporting events, covering all news stories relevant to Bingara and its surrounding area. The Advocate has its finger on the pulse and is a must read for those who wish to keep abreast of the town and district's activities.

Bingara is a thriving town where there is always something happening. The Advocate keeps readers informed of what’s on as well as coming events, while proudly delivering extensive coverage of all community activities.

The Advocate is proud to be a partner in the North West Magazine Group.  With a print run of 43,550 copies, the North West magazine forms part of 13 papers covering an area from Goondiwindi to Mudgee.

The Advocate boasts almost saturation local readership.  The paper is distributed through a number of newsagencies in the region and is mailed to subscribers outside the immediate district. Thus  advertising is wide ranging, effectively reaching target markets.

American psychologist Steuart Henderson Britt stated,

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.
You know what you are doing, but nobody else does."

Step into the light, place an advertisement in The Bingara Advocate.